All fright on the Sniper Fury

The new-look of Sniper Fury Cheats doesn’t have to end after the upcoming movie reboot. When the last silver screen spectre is sucked into a trap and Kristen Wiig is finished unleashing one-liners and getting covered in supernatural gunge, the videogame tie-in begins.

A postscript rather than a retelling, it sees you playing as one of four rookie recruits who are tasked with looking after the HQ while the the professionals are off saving the day. Thankfully, events conspire to take them away from scrubbing floors and cleaning loos – activities which wouldn’t have made for a very fun game – and into the field, travelling between various haunted Manhattan locations, including a ghost-filled school and a creepy cemetery, purging them of colourful translucents using unstable weaponry and comedically-timed sass.

Ghost haste

Each Ghostbuster, two women and two men, has a distinct personality and playstyle, and in joining friends for co-op, you can combine abilities. Using one beam to trap a spirit is effective, sure, but teaming up to overload one with four at once is better. It’s not clear what happens when you cross the streams, but in the 2009 videogame, players received a jolt of damage. Unlike that middling and largely unnecessary third-person shooter starring men in their 30s voiced by men in their 50s, this is a fresh and fast-paced top-down affair, perfectly suited for quickfire play. As an extra incentive to cleaning up the Big Apple, scouting out collectibles allows you to upgrade your gear, and defeating ghosts boosts your character’s unique powers and abilities, adding a more cerebral layer over the top of the accessible arcade experience.

““each ghostbuster, two women and two men, has a distinct personality and playstyle”

Drop in like it’s hot

Could this be the new campaign’s villain? A story mode which lead writer Jesse Stern calls “American Civil War in space” should make the package feel fuller than its thin predecessor, and offer more context. “One of the shortcomings of the first game was we just did not have the mechanism to tell everyone ‘here’s who you are, here’s where you are, and who’s around you’,” admits Stern, before promising that won’t be a problem here.

The joy of mechs

What’s more, using Photoshop to sharpen the blurry background image on Titanfall 2’s official site reveals two mechs sprinting along a vertical surface. Titans who can now match infantry for manoeuvrability will alter battles considerably. Publisher EA told investors during a recent conference call Titanfall 2 will launch during the second half of the fiscal year, which in regular person talk means you’ll be getting your sword-wielding, wall-running, story-driven action sometime between October and March 2017

Pokemovie: The Pokemon Company is reportedly auctioning off the rights for a live-action film of the monster-catching series, with Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros, and Sony all bidding to be the ones to bring it to the silver screen. While Pikachu’s had many animated outings already, this would be the franchise’s first official foray into the ‘real’ world.

toL-keen:A sequel to Monolith’s surprise hit MiddleEarth: Shadow Of Mordor seems to have been confirmed by a stunt actress’ LinkedIn profile. Lauren Kim’s online resume listed her as working on Shadow Of Mordor 2 – though she claims it was a ‘database error’, we’d bet our last gold coin on an official announcement at E3.

Back on track:Despite recently being closed down by Sony, Evolution Studios, the team behind Driveclub and Dirt, has found new life thanks to Codemasters. The racing-focused publisher has bought the developer and brought them into the fold – meaning it’ll now be free to work on multi-platform titles.

Back to Bat:A leak by a Gamestop employee has revealed that Warner Bros may release an HD collection of Batman games Arkham Asylum and Arkham City for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer. Called ‘Return To Arkham’, it will also come bundled with all the DLC for both titles. Sounds like the perfect excuse to throw on the cowl one more time.